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The Chestatee River Begins its course as a Small Stream in the mountains north of Dahlonega and Cleveland, Ga. Here it is a very steep gradient, tumbling mountain trout stream that supports a population of wild trout but is very difficult to access. From here it flows to to the ever Popular “Turner’s Corner” where the river is heavily stocked with rainbow trout during the summer and popular tributary “Dick’s Creek” flows in. From this large access point the river retreats into a large expanse of conjoined private properties for a while with limited access at a few bridges, but once it reaches the heart of Lumpkin County, downstream of Copper Mines Rd. the personality of the river begins to change from that of a cold flowing mountain trout stream, to a meandering Warm water fishery that supports an awesome population of Spotted Bass, Largemouth Bass, and Shoal Bass (all a blast on the fly). As well as the Bass you can Find a variety of Panfish, Longnose gar, catfish and the imfamous Georgia Striper. The River continues in this way until it flows into the top of Lake Sydney Lanier. We offer both Float and wade trips on the Chestatee River for Trout and Bass/Striper. This is a largely looked over river that offers some awesome opportunities for some of the most scenic and remote floats in north Georgia, as well as well as the opportunity to catch Rainbow trout and up to 25lb Striper all in the same float! Click below to learn more about Fly Fishing for Striper, or To book your trip on the Chestatee River Today!

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Chestatee River Striper

An Average Sized River Striper

Fly Fishing for Striper Dahlonega

A Big Guy from the Lower Reaches of the Chestatee

Dahlonega Fly Fishing

A Nice Shoal Bass on the Fly