Trout Fishing in Blue Ridge, Ga

Blue Ridge , Georgia is home to some of North Georgia’s best Fly Fishing. Nestleted in the heart of Fannin County, which is known as “The Trout Capital of Georgia” Blue Ridge and its Surrounding areas are home to some of the States most notable and productive Trout fishing streams like the Toccoa River, Noontoola Creek, Fightingtown Creek and more! Not only is Blue Ridge home to Great fly fishing, but it also boasts a Thriving Downtown and Numerous Places to Stay, Eat, and Shop.

Where we Fish in Blue Ridge

This one is pretty straightforward, as we pride ourselves in being one of the most knowledgeable guide Services on the Toccoa River period. This is our bread and butter and it is the river that our guide service is more or less built around. Blue Ridge ,  Georgia  Public water and smart fish mean that even the most experienced anglers can be put to the test on trophy brown and rainbow trout, while supplemental stockings from surrounding hatcheries means that even beginners can succeed in keeping the rod bent throughout the day.  Anglers can expect to catch primarily rainbows with a sprinkling of brown trout mixed in. You can find more info on our Toccoa River Page –> Toccoa River


Noontoola creek is also one of our favorite places to take fly fishing trips to around the Blue Ridge area. Located slightly outside of Blue Ridge to the south, Noontoola Creek is situated in the middle of the Blue Ridge Wildlife Management area and is home to some truly remote and scenic areas. A quiet babbling stream flowing through the middle of a valley is the setting where we primarily fish the creek as it makes its way through a historic 2,000 acre private farm, however under the tranquil waters are some of the biggest and meanest wild trout in the state. 20 inch long trout are not uncommon here, and most guides will tell old fish stories of some in the creek that go 30 inches or better. Due to its relatively small size and difficulty to fly cast as well as the strength of the fish, we recommend Noontoola Creek for slightly more experienced anglers.