North GA Striper Fishing Trips

Lake Lanier, Lake Nottley, Chattahoochee River, Chestatee River

While North Georgia is often thought of as a trout fishing destination, we actually have a world class striped bass fishery right here in our back yard! Striped Bass are a saltwater fish that run into freshwater to spawn, most commonly found off the coast and in the estuaries of the northeast, but with a range that extends all the way to the gulf coast and Louisiana. In the early 1940’s however, a population of Stripers became landlocked in South Carolina when they ran upriver to spawn and a dam construction project began before they were able to make their way back out to sea. This was the first recorded population of truly freshwater striper. Since then Striper have been stocked in freshwater reservoirs all over the country from Georgia to California and will thrive in areas where the water temperature is below 80 degrees. Georgia striper are quite different from their Saltwater relatives, like most freshwater striper populations Georgia’s fish are pretty much all hatchery supported with the exception of the Coosa river on the Georgia-Alabama line which supports a healthy population of natural reproducing striper. Even though the spawning attempts of most of these fish aren’t actually viable they will still attempt a spawning run up rivers a creeks much like a Salmon. This occurs every spring and is a fantastic time to Fly Fish for Big Striper.

Fly Fishing for Georgia Striped Bass, tips and Tactics​

When talking about fishing for Stripers in Georgia there are really two distinct patterns to fish so we’ll break them up here-

Spring/Summer Pattern (March- Sept)

Rod/Reel: Fast Action 8-10wt Rod depending on Fly and Fish Size Large Arbor Reel with a good disc drag
Line: Have an array of lines as these fish can be found in Varying conditions and can be caught on a number of presentations, however it is hard to go wrong with an intermidiate line with a short heavy forward taper to allow you to shoot line and make fewer false casts. I am also never caught without a 300-350 grain sinking line to be able to get down into the biggest holes for the biggest fish.
Leader/ Tippet: 9ft leader tapering to 15-10 lb depending on conditions
Flies : Clouser Minnow
Cowen’s Coyote
Kelly Gallop’s Dungeon
Todd’s Wiggle Minnow
Top Water Flies

Fall/Winter (October- March)

-Winter and early Fall Can bring some of the best fishing we see all year for Striper if you’re bold enough to brave the conditions and have the gear to get out there! Look for these fish to be schooling around wind blown points and coves close to deep water. Cast into the edges of the school and bring the fly back with a varying retrieve.


Fast Action 8-10wt Rod depending on Fly and Fish Size Large Arbor Reel with a good disc drag


This one is simple, you can always find us with a good Intermediate/slow sink line in the winter. This one is one of our favorites by Airflo, check it out Here

Leader/ Tippet:

9-10ft leader tapering to 20-10 lb depending on conditions


Clouser Minnow
Cowen’s Coyote
Something Else Fly

We Offer Guided Trips for Striper on the fly all across North Georgia, and even though it is possible to crack the code on these Hard Charging fish on your own, we invite you to skip the learning curve and instead book a day with us to get on the fish fast. You can’t know how truly awesome these fish are until you come tight on one!

Chattahoochee river striper

Chestatee River Striper

Fly Fishing for Striper

Striped bass on the fly