Fly Fishing For Beginners in North Georgia

Learn to Fly Fish in North Georgia! We have found both through our own personal experience as well as repeatedly through our customers that learning to fly fish often seems like a daunting task. Whether this sentiment has come from someone who ended up catching themselves more than the fish or from a friend that ended up spending more time swimming that fishing, we encourage you to be unafraid because Fly Fishing is Easier than You Think. Roughly 75% of everyone that we take out have never fly fished before or are very much beginners in the sport. Let us assure you we have yet to see someone roll out of bed, grab a fly rod, and turn into a real life Example of “A River Runs Through It”. You can learn to fly fish in North Georgia!


What Does a Beginner’s Trip look Like?

To be totally honest our Beginner’s trips don’t look a terribly lot different than some of our other trips, however there are a few things that Certainly are unique the first notable difference is the 45min-1hr of Casting/Fishing Instruction at the start of each trip.  We like to take this time before we actually hit the water and begin fishing to really give you a good introduction to the

Beginner Fly Fishing North Georgia
Beginner fly fishing in North Georgia

sport of fly fishing and to try and familiarize you with not only the techniques, but also the Rods, Reels, and learn more about Waders and Boots and how to make wise selections on gear as you begin to acquire your own collection. We cover the 3 major casts, The Fly Cast, The Roll Cast, and The Water-Load Cast. After this we cover playing and landing fish, mends and drag free drifts, as well as a basic understanding of Entomology.


Where does this trip take place?

You can learn to Fly Fish on either the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge, Ga , or on the Soque River in Clarkesville,Ga. Location can be determined by your preference, recent fishing conditions, or availability. You can visit either of these river’s pages to learn more about them.


How Much Does it Cost?

For the Toccoa River it is $275 for 1 or 2 people for a Half Day and $375 for 1 or 2 People for a Full Day. On the Soque River a Half Day Trip is $250 for 1 or $375 for 2, and a Full Day is $350 for 1 and $525 for 2. All Prices are according to our Book online page as Prices do not vary between regular and beginner’s trips. A Half day is 4hrs and a Full Day is 8hrs and includes a deli style lunch on the river.

How do I book my Trip?

Hop on over to our “Book Online” page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the contact form and send us a message with the number in your party, possible dates, and where you are looking at fishing or Give us a call at (678)-221-7777 (Daniel)  or email us at Daniel@BowmanFlyFishing.com