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Big Toccoa River Brown Trout Fly Fishing
Toccoa River Fly Fishing Brown Trout



The Toccoa River is truly our Jewel of the North Georgia Area. Our Toccoa River Fly Fishing Guides cut their teeth on this river. We offer both Drift Boat Trips on the Toccoa River and  Wade Trips. Our guided trips take place downstream of Lake Blue Ridge as we have found this is the best places for both numbers of fish and truly trophy sized fish! We are on this river more than  anywhere else and will provide you with the finest experience on the Toccoa River around . Our Rates for Guided Trips on the Toccoa are as follows:

½ Day – $300 for 1 or 2 people

Full Day – $400for 1 or 2 people

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Toccoa River Information

Starting as little more than a babbling mountain stream on the North Slope of the Mountains that lie within the Blue Ridge Wilderness management area, the Toccoa River runs all the way to Copperhill, Tennessee where it changes names to the Ocoee River. Along it’s course the Toccoa Feeds and Drains Lake Blue Ridge. When speaking about the Toccoa River we will talk about two distinct parts. Upstream and Downstream of lake Blue Ridge.

Upstream of Lake Blue Ridge

Upstream of the lake the Toccoa River is a Freestone Trout stream that supports a population of wild and stocked Rainbow, Brown and Brook Trout, as well as Smallmouth bass near the lake. From its headwaters near hwy 60 to Deep hole Campground off of the same highway is largely regarded as primarily fishing for stocked rainbow trout. This area does on occasion offer up a wild brook or brown however. Some noticeable tributaries that enter the river in this area are Coopers Creek and Rock Creek which both support a healthy population of trout. As the river continues and begins to widen considerably you come to the Sandy Bottom Canoe launch and the start of the Delayed Harvest Section of River.

Delayed Harvest

The Delayed harvest is a special regulation area on the Toccoa river where it is Catch and Release only as well as artificial lures with one single hook only from November 1- May 14 each year. This creates some great fishing opportunities from the canoe launch to the End of the Delayed harvest section, the Shallowford Bridge, while the weather is cold. However, it should be noted that this stretch of river can become rather crowded during these winter weekends.

Downstream of lake Blue Ridge (Tailwater)

This is where we really call our Trout fishing home. Below the Blue Ridge Dam the Toccoa exits from the Bottom of Lake Blue Ridge clear and cold. This provides us with an awesome year round trout fishery that is capable of growing some GIANTS. The most common species in the river are Rainbow and Brown trout, although we have caught Tiger /trout and Brook Trout as well. The only downside to this river for the Wading Angler is the lack of public access.

There are only 4 public accesses on the river, with only 3 providing good wade fishing opportunities. The access points are Tammenn Park, Curtis Switch, Horseshoe Bend Park, and McCaysville City Park, however by the time the river makes it to McCaysville the flow slackens to the point of really hampering the fishing. While the fishing here is great year round, the best time to be on the water is definitely in the Spring when we experience the annual Black Caddis hatch. When the hatch is at it’s peak even the largest of Toccoa River Trout will lose their minds over the bugs.

What to Use

Rod: 9ft 5wt or 4wt
Line: WF Floating
Leader 9ft-12ft 4-6x tapered leader
Go to Flies: sz18 BH Pheasant Tail
sz 16 yellow BH Pheasant tail
sz 20 Zebra Midge
Sz 10 Pats Rubber Legs
Sz 6 Olive Wooly Bugger
sz 18 BH Rainbow Warrior

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Toccoa River Fishing Guides
Toccoa River Rainbow Trout
Huge Brown Trout from the Toccoa River
Huge Trout from the Toccoa River

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