North Georgia Fly Fishing Trips we Offer

We offer Fly Fishing trips and instruction all across North Georgia and even in Western North Carolina and East Tennessee. Below you can find a rough description of each trip we offer, separated by type or with a link to visit each trip’s respective page.

Intro to Fly Fishing Special

The best way to skip the learning curve and learn to Fly Fish in North Georgia. This trip includes 1 hour on land instruction and 3 hours of Fishing. Visit the “Fly Fishing for Beginners” page to learn more, or click the box below.

Fly Fishing For Beginners

Drift Boat Floats

We offer Drift Boat Floats on the Toccoa River in Blue Ridge, Ga, The Chestatee River in Dahlonega, Ga and the Tuckasegee River in Sylva and Bryson City, NC. This is in our opinion the most enjoyable way to fish most of the time. The Drift boat float trips allow you to have 3 significant advantages over fishing on foot,
1- Reach Parts of the River that are otherwise inaccesible
2- Cover more of the river in a day of fishing
3- You don’t have to worry about navigating the river and walking through it
We recommend this trip especially for those who may have limited mobility and may actually even prefer to fish sitting down. The Drift boats are extremely stable and allows you to be able to move fairly easily about the boat.

Toccoa River Info

Trophy Trout Fishing

This is the place to look if Trophy Hunting is your desire! Small streams and big fish is the name of the game here, which also means sight fishing and stealth. There are a number of Trophy Trout Private waters across the state and here’s a brief rundown of each-

The Soque River

One of the more beginner friendly Private Waters, but still be ready for some shots at 24″+ fish. Relatively technical but mostly stocked fish so still forgiving. See our page with more information below

Soque River

Noontoola Creek Farms

This is one of the more difficult private waters we fish. Mostly big, smart, WILD fish these guys can be tough to fool and the fight like a freight train! If you have never fly fished before then this trip is probably not for you. Experience excellent dry fly fishing for monster trout here at times. Very reminiscent of Western Spring creeks. See our page with more information below

Noontoola Creek

While we do in fact have other options for public water Trophy trout these are our two favorites. We may suggest others based on avalibility

Public Water Wade Fishing

A Great inexpensive way to get you feet wet into fly Fishing! Typically taking place on either the Toccoa, Chestatee, or Tuckasegee River. This can be a great way to spark a new passion and get a better feel for the gear used and techniques behind fly fishing,

A Great Rainbow from an Intro to Fly Fishing Trip

Here is one of our Guides Drift Boats Anchored in the Beautiful Snake river in Norther Idaho

A Great Striper From a Guides Day off Drift Boat trip down the River!

A great Soque River Rainbow taken on a Dry Fly

A big Tuckasegee River Brown Trout